Sunday, October 26, 2014

Just Chill, Baby!


                “Former space shuttle engineer, NASA consultant, and climatologist John L. Casey is warning that a radical shift in global climate is underway, and that Al Gore and other environmentalists have it wrong.”

               That statement is from an article by Clayton B. Reid in the October edition of Newsmax magazine.  The earth, Casey says, is cooling, and cooling fast. And unless the scientific community and political leaders act soon, cold, dark days are ahead. In his new book “Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell”, Casey warns that the earth is rapidly growing colder due to diminished solar activity. In fact, “Dark Winter” posits that a 30-year period of cold has already begun. Frigid temperatures, and food shortages that inevitably result, could lead to riots and chaos in the near future.

                Casey states, “All you have to do is trust natural cycles, and follow the facts; and that leads you to the inevitable conclusion that the sun controls the climate, and that a new cold era has begun.” For over a decade now, he claims, the planet’s oceans have been cooling. And since 2007, the atmospheric temperature has been cooling as well. “The data is pretty solid,” Casey says. “If you look at the 100-year global temperature chart, you look at the steep drop off we’ve had since 2007, it’s the steepest drop in global temperatures in the last hundred years.”

                Casey believes that the real driver of global climate is solar activity, namely sunspots. He says they correspond to shifts in global temperature with a greater than 90% accuracy. Several Russian scientists and astrophysicists also agree with this view  that the earth is cooling; and at least one argues that a new mini ice age has begun.

                Casey says that climate-change theorists have  simply wedded themselves to the wrong theory, namely, that global temperatures respond in a significant way to the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. “There are two fundamental flaws with that,” Casey says. “No. 1, the greenhouse-gas theory, and the global climate models that they produced, never permitted a pause. As long as CO2 levels were going up, the only thing that could happen was global temperatures could go up. That has not happened. No. 2, there could be absolutely no cooling, much less a pause. And yet we’ve been cooling for years now.”

                Of course, if “Dark Winter” is right, that means the nation is busily preparing for the wrong calamity.

                So far, according to the article, “all of Casey’s predictions have come true.”

                This is history’s biggest opportunity cost. We will soon be paying billions of dollars to lessen’ the affects of ‘global warming’. Moreover, we will impoverish ourselves, or at the very least drastically degrade the quality of our lives by not utilizing the vast quantities of coal, oil, gas etc. available to us. Therefore there will be fewer jobs available for people- and much higher energy bills. Transportation costs will soar needlessly, and consequently the cost of virtually all goods sold will as well, becoming a huge drag on the economy. Some folks will have to cut back on buying goods they otherwise could have afforded, some will cut back on or eliminate savings. Some will go deeper into debt. There will be less money available, then, for loans and investment, etc.

                Over and above all of this, it is likely that not only was all of this privation unnecessary, but that it will have actually worsened the crisis we do face. There is a word for this lose-lose-lose proposition.




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