Monday, October 6, 2014

Hong Kong Protests

Where is the United States as regards the protesters for democracy in Hong Kong? Sadly, this president has missed the chance to speak out loudly and clearly- or at all, really-  in support of them just as he missed a potentially history-changing chance to speak out in support of Iranian students and others courageously lobbying for freedom  a few short years ago. In the latter instance, our complicated  history with Iran could have been brought to a mutually beneficial future, quite possibly without bloodshed or Iran obtaining “the bomb”!

                This support would have potentially emancipated Iranians, changed the real-Politik dramatically for the better in the Middle East and protected the world from an Iranian nuclear arsenal. A win-win-win. If only. If only the United States did then what the United States historically has done. Stuck up for freedom and the rights of the individual as opposed to the state. If only we’d do that now on behalf of Hong Kong. What an opportunity to change the world for the better, to free peoples as well as minds. (Even if one’s body is caged, one can’t be a slave if one’s mind is free). If only Ronald Reagan was president.

                Hong Kong has a history of freedom, and  of boasting one of the highest GDP’s in the world. These two facts are intricately entwined. If we had real leadership in the West, other than Benjamin Netanyahu, this would be a time of great opportunity. Untold millions could be unshackled, as good would be recognized and evil punished.

                Hong Kong lies just south of the great “communist King Kong” that is mainland China… that now attempts, successfully, to dictate to the “little island that could” with its historic ties to Britain and the West.

                If the U.S. had a real president at the moment, he/she would tell China, Iran and Russia to go lay by their dishes. Or else.
              Let freedom ring.



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