Thursday, April 25, 2024

Squatters' Rights?


There has been much talk of “squatters” lately, those who take up residence in others’ homes, especially while those others are away. Incredibly, the mainstream media and some Democrats seem to be solidly on the side of the trespassers. (Unless, of course, those who trespass against us were to trespass against them. That would be scary, inconvenient, and simply unacceptable.)

Whether it is Fani Willis figuratively “squatting” in Trump Tower, me squatting at the Pelosi's place, or anyone else squatting anywhere, when private property rights are no longer recognized, we are all screwed, and it is another American founding principle dismissed on the way to chaos and societal breakdown.

And all illegal aliens, by definition, are squatters. And America was never supposed to be a large flop house.

Under the direction of the Biden administration, the formerly United States are becoming an ever-looser confederation of squatter sanctuaries. And that won’t work out well for anybody.


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