Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Politico Links Humor To Authoritarianism


A recent Politico report bizarrely suggested that former President Trump’s "jokes" and sense of humor could be used to normalize authoritarianism. The article stated, "This isn’t new, and Trump, obviously, is far from the first president or pol with some capacity for comedy.” Seriously. Remarkably, the report went on to grudgingly acknowledge that "Trump is not Hitler or Stalin or Mussolini," but noted "they share a rhetorical style." 

No, they don’t. Obviously, those involved in presenting this report have never heard Hitler, Stalin, or Mussolini speak. Authoritarians typically have little or no sense of humor. Hitler certainly didn’t. Nor did Stalin, at least not in the sense that a sane person would recognize and appreciate. Pol Pot? Nope. Idi Amin Dada? Sorry. Mao wasn’t a laugh riot, either.

Those on the left are nearly always bitter, entitled, and deadly serious about…everything. Literally everything. Such as pronouns, “microaggressions,” and safe spaces. The New Totalitarians of the Democrat-Socialist Party actually despise humor. Especially if directed at themselves. And history shows us that those who can’t laugh, especially at themselves, are sure to be a threat to others. In fact, this is a trademark of…authoritarians.

Authoritarians throughout history have typically not been funny. Especially not to the millions they have slaughtered. Does anyone remember Hitler telling jokes in between ranting and foaming at the mouth about Jews? Hitler: “Ein mann sagt zu anderer mann, ‘meine hund hast keine nase.’ Der anderer mann antwortete, ‘Wie tut er riechen?’ Die antwort? Schrecklich!’ Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

Trump’s humor shows a humanity and maturity of mind, even if he himself can act like a child at times. It is endearing…and reassuring. It connects him with us, the common people, even as the “elites” continue to badger and demean us. And, of course, be mocks the elites. Their response? Anger and vitriol.

Laughter is the best medicine, often literally. Trump knows this.

Trump is funny. The elites are thin-skinned, power hungry and vicious. (Just look what they have done to Trump.) Who is truly more inclined to authoritarianism? Who is trying to normalize it?

And that is no laughing matter.


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