Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Mandatory Journalism Course Says Many Questions Are Microaggressions


According to The College Fix, a mandatory journalism course at Arizona State University, titled “Diversity and Civility at Cronkite,” instructs students that asking questions such as “Where are you from?” and “Where were you born?” are racial microaggressions.

The school’s Cronkite School of Journalism online description notes that it places a strong emphasis on the “importance of diversity, inclusion, equity and civility.” I guess. But I doubt famed journalist Walter Cronkite-- from whom the school took its name-- would approve. ASU has added another letter on to the currently ubiquitous DEI, and also had the “E” and “I” swap positions, so that we now have DIEC. Too bad. If it had touted the “importance of diversity, inclusion, civility, and equity,” the acronym would’ve been DICE. Much better.

Preposterously, even the statement, “I think the most qualified person should get the job” is considered a microaggression at ASU’s CSJ. And some of us thought “journalism” couldn’t get any worse!

So, like everything else, asking questions is now racist. There is an upside, however: it makes doing “journalism” much easier and less time consuming!

And it fits with the times. If I tell you I’m a woman, I’m a woman. If I tell you I’m a journalist, I’m a journalist. No questions asked.


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