Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The Language Of Liberty

“The liberty of speaking and writing guards our other liberties.”-- Thomas Jefferson


Indeed. Communication is our greatest distinguishing asset as a species. It is our essence. Thought leads to words, which naturally lead to speaking and writing. Yet words lead to thought. Try thinking without using words. Is it even possible? In any case, without these pillars of the human condition we are but large crustaceans with opposable thumbs.

Yet today, conservatives are routinely prevented from speaking, especially on college campuses, those erstwhile bastions of higher education and competing ideas. No one is allowed to freely and openly challenge the prevailing (leftist) dogma, whether it be pertaining to COVID-19 vaccines, global warming/climate change, the integrity of the 2020 presidential election, the alleged existence of dozens upon dozens of genders, or a host of other topics. Social media outlets will block, censor, shadow ban, demonetize, or outright permanently kick you off their platforms should you run afoul of the Thought Police. President Trump did just that, and he was kicked off. This is anything but healthy for a supposedly free republic. It is, in fact, a death knell for democracy.

Freedom of speech is Constitutionally protected via the First Amendment. It was placed first out of the original Ten Amendments (27 now) because it is so essential to a free society and an individual. (In my opinion, the Second Amendment was placed there as the best guarantor of the First Amendment—and all those to follow.)

              The First Amendment is under furious assault. The Second Amendment is, too. There are those on The Left who would like to throw out the entire Bill of Rights and the Constitution along with it. If government, “the elites,” and those in organizations like the World Economic Forum can water down, abridge, or repeal our First and Second Amendment rights, there is clearly no right they intend to leave intact. (A recent survey conducted by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity found that an incredible 47% of elites believe the U.S. government allows its citizens too much freedom! A large majority of them would like to impose “strict rationing of meat, gas, and electricity”…and would ban the use of gas-powered vehicles.)

Whether in spoken or written form, words can be powerful. They can move us, motivate us, inspire us. And they can inspire thought, which can lead us to change our minds—or question what we have been told.

This is why The New Totalitarians of The Left, also known as today’s Democratic Party, are so afraid of them. Those who hold positions of power—and low character—know that their arguments are weak and their policies detrimental to all but themselves. It is, therefore, essential to shut them up.

Though they may temporarily succeed in making it a Hell here on Earth, they will eventually have to deal with the Grantor of the unalienable rights they stole from us.


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