Sunday, April 28, 2024

Radical Marxism, Islam Taking Over American Campuses


The group, Documenting Jew Hatred on Campus, recently posted a video to ‘X’ in which Columbia University Professor Bruce Robbins says “The murder of civilians by Hamas . . . on Oct. 7 was an atrocity. And yet, I believe in the Palestinian cause in spite of the fact that an atrocity was committed in that cause.”  He then added, “You gotta think of other things. What’s a good cause, and what . . . isn’t. The Palestinian cause clearly has justice on its side, it has had all the way back . . . we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be distracted by the terrible things that were done on Oct. 7.”

Robbins is the Old Dominion Foundation Professor in the Humanities in Columbia’s Department of English and Comparative Literature, so he is naturally well versed in Middle Eastern terrorist groups. Or something. (Unsurprisingly, his faculty page lists “Marxism” and “Critical Social Theory” as his “Research Interests.”)

“We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be distracted by the terrible things that were done on Oct. 7?” No siree, don’t let the mass slaughter of innocent men, women, and children distract you from the bigger picture! And don’t let the rape, torture and beheadings divert your attention from such a good cause!

That’s like someone circa 1945 stating, “I believe in the German cause. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be distracted by the concentration camps/a few million dead jews/the Holocaust!” 

With that level of insanity and hostility, it’s no wonder that Columbia’s campus is seething with Jew hatred.

What is happening on American campuses and in many Western metropolises is eerily reminiscent of 1938.

Just a couple of years ago, many of the same people now chanting anti-Jewish slogans (and threatening violence against Jews and Israel) purported to be committed anti-Nazis.

And now it appears they’d be happy with a Fourth Reich.

What the hell happened?

It is amazing how quickly a society can degenerate when leftists control the educational institutions—and nearly all the others.

It is truly remarkable—and an unspeakably sad irony—that Columbia University’s Latin motto, “In Lumine Tuo Videbimus Lumen,” means “In Your Light, We Shall See the Light,” with “Your Light” referring to the light of God. The motto was chosen at the university’s establishment in 1754…and is derived from Psalm 36:9 of the Hebrew book of Psalms, or Tehillim. It means “Praises” in English.

The twin evils of radical Islamism and militant Marxism are pervading, indeed usurping, American higher education institutions. There is nothing to praise here, as a sinister darkness spreads across campuses…and much of the formerly free world.




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