Sunday, April 28, 2024

Canadian Government Pays The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation For "Independent Journalism"


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Canadian government has proposed a new budget including $42 million in additional funding for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). The increased subsides are purportedly to ensure that “Canadians across the country, including rural, remote, Indigenous, and minority language communities, have access to high-quality, independent journalism and entertainment.” Because nothing fosters “independent journalism” like having the government pay your bills! Canadian taxpayers rejoice!

What’s more—a lot more, in fact— the proposed $42 million is in addition to existing payouts that make up nearly 70 percent of the CBC’s operating budget. (And total more than $1 billion annually.)

Now that’s “independence!” What the hell?!

Of course, the CBC will take the money, like it always has. Not to worry, though, this ever-growing government largess won’t affect the way the CBC reports the news, no-siree!! It will be just as hard on Trudeau and his government as it has always been! You betcha! So just go and get another Molson out of the Coleman and relax!

Speaking of which, this is like a beer judge taking big money from, say, Anheuser-Busch to promote “independent beer judging.”

Or like jury members taking mucho moola from the prosecution to promote “independent adjudicating.”

Or as if a jury was composed not of one’s peers, but of one’s enemies…and the judge was, say, a donor to the prosecution’s political party. Unreal.

Well, I wish it was.



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