Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The Last Democratic Election


It is one thing to be one of the dumbest people ever to trod the earth. When world-class disingenuousness and projection is added to the idiocy, the result is truly breathtaking. And repulsive. Vice President Kamala Harris is the latest to simultaneously exhibit all three traits. Harris recently appeared on a podcast I’d never heard of, titled “I’ve Had It,” during which she agreed with the hosts that the upcoming 2024 presidential election could be the last democratic election ever held in the United States.

This could in fact be the case, but what the Venn diagram-loving moron didn’t say is that this would be because her administration—and her party-- won’t allow them any longer.

In fact, 2016 might have been the last democratic election the United States will ever see, as since then Democrats have done everything possible-- including attempting to jail their leading political opponent and disenfranchise non-leftist American voters—to force permanent one-party rule on the republic. Just to be sure of their primacy, they also bribed and coerced the giant social media companies to act in their favor-- and threatened to eliminate the filibuster, pack the court, and grant statehood to Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. And don’t forget the perpetually open southern border.

I’ve had it…with Democrats’ lying, gaslighting, projection, virtue signaling, bullying, coercion, threats, disdain for the Constitution/opponents/rule of law, ruinous policies…and rampant amorality.

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