Monday, April 1, 2024

The U.S. Now Ranks 23rd In The World Happiness Report


The annual World Happiness Report was recently released-- and the U.S. was listed in 23rd place, down from 15th place just last year. That is a precipitous fall. (And “fall” might be an omen.)

The report, though obviously subjective, is illustrative. So, which country does the report say is the happiest in the world? Finland. Again. (Followed by Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, and Israel.) What makes Finland so relatively giddy? First off, it is relatively homogenous. Also, any country with reindeer, saunas, and Long Drink is going to be at least reasonably content.

The least happy nation, in 143rd place? Afghanistan. This shouldn’t be a shocker to any sentient being, despite the fact that the United States recently gifted it countless billions of dollars in military equipment. (Afghanistan doesn’t have reindeer, saunas, or Long Drink.)

Why did the U.S. continue to slide down the ranks of nations? Well, Joe Biden has been its president for going on four years now. In all honesty, it is slightly more complicated than that. Other factors include the fact that schools now universally teach—and preach—that the nation is a hellhole of racism, sexism, homophobia, and myriad other forms of bigotry…and was founded solely to further white, male, heterosexual, colonialism. The mainstream media unquestioningly and enthusiastically parrots that message, along with the “fact” that the earth will soon spontaneously combust due to man-caused global warming. Our elites, whether in academia, the media, or government, now tell us that religion is fake news, and that only gullible and silly people in flyover country believe in a “sky daddy” or whatever.

Which is why the survey showed that, when considering only residents under the age of 30, the U.S. came in at 62nd place, whereas when looking only at residents over 60, it placed 10th, 52 spots higher.

           This is not a trend a nation can long sustain.

It is no surprise that citizens in the U.S. are becoming less happy with the decline of belief in its excellence and uniqueness. And the decline of belief in anything…other than big government. It doesn’t help that that big government refuses to secure its southern border and treats its own residents as second-class citizens—at best-- while feting those who have illegally entered the country as if they were foreign potentates deserving of every conceivable blandishment.

Elites and Deep Staters have long since decided America must be remade into the image of other failed Marxists states. Hence, “Fundamental transformation” has occurred. It is no longer, as Reagan stated just 40 years ago, “Morning in America.” Instead, many of us are mourning in America. Mourning an America that we knew and loved, one which is now gone. As the World Happiness Report indicated.

The sun rises in the morning, of course, and sets in the evening. It appears that we are now watching, helplessly, as our sun sets. Likely never to rise again.

Speaking of rising again, there is one hope, however. I hope you had a blessed Easter.

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