Monday, April 15, 2024

Letter To An Undecided Voter


A Letter To An Undecided Voter:

You say you’re not going to vote for Trump? You say you’re tired of the drama? You say you aren’t fond of the mean tweets and ungracious comments?

Drama, huh? Are you tired of your president being incapable of cogent thought and fluid speech? Are you tired of the “Big Guy’s” softer than warm butter stance on China? Are you tired of rampant inflation and high taxes? The Strategic Oil Reserve being drawn down needlessly? Are you tired of open borders and 100,000 deaths a year from fentanyl overdoses? Are you tired of human and sex-trafficking? Are you tired of illegal aliens migrants newcomers committing crimes and flooding our cities? Are you tired of rampant crime? Are you tired of trains derailing, plane parts falling off, and bridges collapsing? Are you tired of some groups being feted and others mocked on the basis of their skin color and religious affiliation? Are you tired of freakishly-adorned high level nuclear officials stealing other people’s dresses at airports around the country? Are you tired of people who hold traditional views being prevented from speaking and chased off campuses? Are you tired of being told what kind of stove and automobile you will be allowed to buy in the near future? Are you tired of being told what kind of food (hint: bugs) you will be allowed to eat? Are you tired of elites telling us that we will soon own nothing and be happy?

Are you tired of the government treating migrants better than American citizens? Better than Veterans? Are you tired of endless wars? Are you tired of the party in power attempting to imprison its political opponents?

Is this the America you remember and can be proud of? Is this all now considered “calm” and “normal?” Is any of the aforementioned “drama?” Is any of it “mean,” disgusting, or “ungracious?”

Are you better off than you were pre-pandemic, say in 2019? More hopeful?

Who are you going to vote for again?


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