Sunday, April 14, 2024




*Colleges and universities are just vast mis-education camps, indoctrination factories. Soon, those who don’t go to college will likely have to attend re-education camps. The Land of the Free has become Indoctrination Nation. Tragic.

*Thomas Jefferson, the author of The Declaration of Independence, once proclaimed: “I have sworn, on the altar of God, eternal hostility to all forms of tyranny over the minds of man.” Today, the Democrat Party is effectively stating: “We have sworn, on the altar of political correctness/Gaia, eternal hostility to all those that question our beliefs, desires, and decrees.”

*The Mainstream Media: “We are fact-free news! Now with extra bias!”

*Democrats plan to let criminals out of jail to vote for them is not new. They’ve been doing that since at least 1864. In fact, that year they plotted a jail break of Confederate prisoners!

*Wisconsin’s Democratic Gov. Tony Evers recently vetoed a bill that would have banned “transgender women” from participating on female school sports teams. He did so claiming it would “threaten the safety and dignity of LGBTQ Wisconsinites.” That is preposterous. Not passing the bill, however, demonstrably threatens the safety of Wisconsin schoolgirls. The most effective way to advance an evil agenda is to accuse one’s opponents of being evil.

*Though Title IX prohibits educational institutions from discriminating on the basis of sex, Quinnipiac University School of Law is offering a scholarship open only to women and LGBTQ+ students. Wonder if the school would consider offering athletic scholarships to women and LGBTQ+ students only? Let’s hear it for inclusion!

*So-called “comedian” Michael Ian Black says he may leave the U.S. even if Donald Trump loses the upcoming presidential election, because, he says, the country has “let so many of us down.” We’ll help you pack.

*”Trump Openly Complains About Being Thrown in Jail in Unhinged Rant Against Court Cases” read the MEDIAite headline. The nerve of that guy, complaining about his political opposition attempting to jail him on…ahem, trumped up charges! The article noted that Trump characterized the charges against him as “so unfair,” stating that those are “the petulant words one typically hears from a tired or hungry toddler.” The article itself was filled with untruths and biased blather one might normally expect to hear from a small child. In short, it was an unhinged rant.

*Rutgers University is going to hold separate graduation ceremonies for LGBTQ+ and illegal immigrant students. Why not then break it down even further…to gays only, lesbians only, bisexuals only, illegal immigrants from El Salvador only, illegal immigrants from Venezuela only, etc., etc., graduation ceremonies? Everything about this is wrong, from separating students by sexual orientation to allowing illegal immigrants (whose education has been paid for in part by American taxpayers) to graduate. Disgusting.



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