Monday, April 29, 2024

DOD Employee Says Citizens Should Be Forced To Relinquish Their Firearms


James O’Keefe recently released an undercover video in which Jason Beck, a Department of Defense employee, asserts that firearms owners should have their guns confiscated. By force. By the National Guard.

Constitution? What Constitution? Individual rights? Pshaw!

The DoD employee casually noted that he “would like to do some work on the state’s monopoly on violence.” When asked what state’s monopoly on violence meant he replied, “It’s the idea that the state, meaning the country, uh, is the only sort of legitimate purveyor of violence…” Anyone else feel a chill?

Speaking of that pesky Second Amendment’s protection of firearm ownership, Beck stated: “I think we should repeal it and take them all away. You have to take them.”

He then implied that the National Guard would need to be employed, and that those in it would have to follow “lawfully given orders.” Except that the order to ignore the Second Amendment and forcefully take private property from law-abiding citizens could not be a “lawfully given order.”

Oh, and our military is supposed to protect us, not take our possessions and leave us defenseless.

Beck also spoke of another favorite Democrat idea, packing the Court, saying “We need the majority on the Court so that they can’t stop” any potential legislation to disarm the American populace.

This is anything but trivial. This hits at the heart of society and whether the people need fear the government or vice versa.

Disarming the citizenry is the hallmark of totalitarian rule. It is one of the first steps in enslaving a people. It goes hand-in-hand with one party rule, censorship, and “re-education camps.” If the people put up with this, they deserve to be treated like livestock.

The state is the only legitimate purveyor of violence? Yeah, like the Third Reich, the Soviet Union, Imperial Japan, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, and mullah-led Iran?


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