Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Pro-Abortion California Rep. Introduces Bill To Ban "Cruel" Rodent Glue Traps


Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA), a famously pro-abortion member of Congress with a 100% rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America, recently introduced a bill to outlaw glue traps designed to eliminate rodents…because he considers them to be “cruel” and “inhumane.” The glue traps, that is.

Lieu took to social media to lobby for the criminalization of glue traps, the use of which he deems to be “ruthless:”

              Glue traps are among the cruelest ways to eliminate rodents. They're inhumane and can be dangerous to humans and their pets. Pleased to introduce a bill today to place a national ban on glue traps.

Last year, West Hollywood, not surprisingly a city in Lieu’s home state, became the first city in the country to ban glue traps, due to their purported cruelty to rats. Speaking of rats, Congressman Adam Schiff, also a Representative from California, is an original cosponsor of Lieu’s bill. (Takes one to know one, I guess. Probably feels a certain kinship.)

Lieu also stated: “As a proud member of the Animal Protection Caucus, I’m pleased to introduce this bill to stop the needless suffering of these animals.” But he disdains pro-life folks and the pro-life movement. Go figure. (No word on if Lieu is simultaneously sponsoring a bill to legalize unfettered abortion up to the moment of birth.)

PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman was obviously deeply moved by the pro-rodent bill, stating: “PETA thanks Rep. Ted Lieu for his compassion and leadership in introducing the Glue Trap Prohibition Act of 2024.” Compassion!

Sara Amundson, president of the Humane Society Legislative Fund, was similarly thrilled with Lieu’s humanity, saying, “Glue traps are cruel, inhumane, and outdated methods of removing rodents from homes and businesses.”

But syringes, forceps, curettes, vacuums, and speculums are not cruel and inhumane ways of removing human babies from a mother’s uterus? Monstrous.

Glue traps are nowhere needed more than in Washington, D.C., which is overrun by rats…such as Lieu and Schiff.

Tone-deaf doesn’t begin to describe people who can advocate for unrestricted abortion on the one hand and a ban on glue traps for rodents on the other. This is mindboggling in its insanity. It is truly indicative of mental illness.      

It is why I occasionally write a satire piece like “P.E.T.A. Fundraiser for an Abortion Clinic” or “First Annual Fundraiser for Invasive Species Prevention and Illegal Immigration Advocacy,” both of which were penned years ago. Unfortunately, this kind of madness you can see coming.


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