Saturday, January 6, 2024

Minnesota Introduces New State Flag Design


Minnesota, via its “State Emblems Redesign Commission,” recently introduced a new design for its state flag. The current state flag was deemed by some to be—you guessed it—racist, due to its portrayal of a Native American on a horse. (Because we all know Native Americans didn’t ride horses.) The Native American on a horse shared the flag with other racist images such as lakes, trees, hills, the sun, Showy Lady Slippers (the state flower), and a white guy pushing an old, handheld plow across a farm field. (If anyone should be upset, it should be that guy!)

The winning design was submitted by a 24-year-old from Luverne, a small town in the southwestern part of the state. The left side of the proposed banner features a dark blue, abstract shape that resembles the actual shape of Minnesota. Inside it is a white, eight-pointed star to reflect the state motto, "Star of the North." The right side is lighter blue, representing water. (Minnesota is not only the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," but is also the headwaters of the Mississippi River.)

Unfortunately, some are not jubilant about the change, because the new flag resembles that of Jubaland, a federal state in Somalia. One of the designs which was in consideration until the very end of the selection process bore an even closer resemblance to the Somali flag, each having blue, white, and green stripes on the right side, as well as a darker blue, angular shape with a white star on the left. No word as to if the final flag was chosen as a result of the criticism.

In any case, it shouldn’t matter. Somalis have appropriated Minnesota, so it is only fair Minnesota appropriates one of its flags.




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