Sunday, January 14, 2024

The Abolition Of Man


C.S. Lewis famously wrote of “The Abolition of Man.” He did so in an attempt to illustrate what happens when we no longer believe in the divine spark that makes us human, in the ability to reason, in the existence of truth—and in the ability to determine right from wrong. And in the idea that humans are fallen by their nature and therefore imperfectible.

All of which is being almost perfectly illustrated/demonstrated today.

On so many levels. More, likely, than even Lewis anticipated.

We are witnessing the deliberate attempted destruction of the Christian religion at the hands of leftists. We are in the throes of an almost total destruction of our “higher education” system, with universities “fundamentally transformed” into stupefyingly illiberal indoctrination centers preaching nihilism and hatred of America and everything for which she once stood. We are in the throes of a sometimes violent revolution against God and nature, one in which young people’s genitalia is being mutilated and discarded as if it were nothing but a cancer to be removed. We are witnessing an unprecedented attack on the very idea and essence of man, as clearly shown by the nearly ubiquitous attack on “toxic masculinity.” Moreover, all too soon, mankind may be subjected to—and subjugated by—“pseudo man,” or artificial intelligence.

There are even those who say that every breath humans take contributes to the scourge of global warming. Obviously, implicit in that notion is the idea that the fewer humans the better…at least for the planet. In this case, the honorable thing to do would be to end one’s own life, a concept quite at odds with Genesis.

So we are potentially on the cusp of the spiritual abolition of man, the intellectual abolition of man, the hormonal/physical abolition of man, the figurative abolition of man, and the technological abolition of man.

And, if the extreme progressives get their way, potentially the actual abolition of man.

Or at least of those who don’t willingly and fully submit to the rest of “progressives’” radical, anti-human agenda.


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