Sunday, January 21, 2024

Illegal Aliens Being Hired As Cops In Some States?


According to PJ Media, Chicago and Hawaii have recently been hiring illegal immigrants and/or non-citizens with work visas as police officers. The same report claimed that Colorado, California, and Illinois are also looking into hiring illegal immigrants/non-citizens to fill police vacancies created by the very progressive attitudes and policies that created the vacancies in the first place.

Does it make sense to hire law-enforcement officers from a pool of people whose first act upon entering America was breaking the law?

Will Navy SEALS soon exclusively recruit flighty, ignorant, transgendered, anti-war, teetotalling vegans into their ranks? Will Catholic churches strive to hire Church of Satan members to fill open priest positions? Will fire departments seek out serial arsonists to join their houses?

What do Chicago, Hawaii, Colorado, California, and Illinois have in common? That’s right, they are all run by Democrats.

Democrats disdain the police but love illegal aliens/undocumented immigrants. This should be an interesting experiment to say the least.


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