Sunday, January 14, 2024

Democrats "Weaponizing" "Weaponizing" Against Republicans


After an improbable-- okay, nearly interminable-- amount of time, (former) Harvard President Claudine Gay resigned her post recently after an almost overwhelming amount of scholarly misconduct came to light. In recent days, Gay has been credibly accused of turning a blind eye to anti-Semitism… and of multiple accounts of plagiarism.

This prompted the always unbiased AP to run an article entitled, "Harvard president's resignation highlights new conservative weapon against colleges: plagiarism.” The same headline graced a corresponding post in ‘X.’

So, Democrats, at least the ones working for the Associated Press, are claiming that Republicans somehow “weaponized” plagiarism charges against Harvard’s Claudine Gay, who was recently removed as president of the formerly elite institution? (Though she is reportedly still a professor at the Ivy League’s most infamous famous Indoctrination Center, and an extremely well paid one at that.)

Later in the day, after being subject to some well-earned mockery, the AP changed the title to "Plagiarism charges downed Harvard's president. A conservative attack helped to fan the outrage." A conservative “attack?”

Democrats now claim Republicans are “weaponizing” virtually everything against them. Quite the opposite is the case. Democrats have succeeded in “weaponizing” the (open) border, illegal immigrants-- and indeed the entire federal government-- against Republicans, conservatives, MAGA types, and the bulk of American citizens.

Why is there no talk of Democrats “weaponizing” the Watergate break-in against Nixon and Republicans?

And how can it be that no one is responsible for their bad-- or even criminal-- behavior, and that pointing out serial egregious actions is “weaponizing” those behaviors and actions against those who committed them? Democrats, and their soulless sycophants in the media, have actually complained that Republicans “weaponized” Hunter Biden’s laptop against him. Pretty sure he did that himself.

Yet, the demonstrable truth is Democrats coerced Big Tech and other media into weaponizing their own coverage—or lack thereof-- against Republicans.

Incredibly, Democrats have weaponized crime, not against criminals but against law abiding citizens. Moreover, they are-- in an almost literal sense—in the process of weaponizing the 2nd amendment against Americans by dismissing their right to bear arms and protect themselves.

And they certainly weaponized Jan. 6-- against any Trump supporter who was in the vicinity of the Capitol that day, and/or was wearing a red hat. Many of whom are still languishing in dank jail cells.


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