Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Canadian Officials "Won't Stand" For Tucker Carlson's Speech


Officials of Canada’s Liberal Party recently had a collective cow during a meeting while discussing a Feb 24th event in Alberta that featured a speech by Tucker Carlson.

For example, Minister of Canadian Heritage, Pascale St. Onge, stated: “What happened yesterday is completely deplorable. To have a conservative Canadian politician invite an American extreme right Tucker Carlson to come here to Canada, holding forth in a completely unacceptable way in particular with regard to their attempts to have a much more violent political climate as we see Tucker Carlson doing, for example, putting targets on Canadian politicians’ backs.” Huh?

And Randy Boissonnault, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Official Languages (MEWDOL?),   whined: “I’m here with my colleagues, Liberal Caucus members, ministers, all, to talk about what happened last night in Edmonton when the premier of the province of Alberta, Danielle Smith invited Tucker Carlson right into the heart of my riding. You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep … I know how progressive a riding Edmonton Centre is, I’ve represented it since 2015 and for Danielle Smith to bring the mouthpiece of the MAGA conservative far right to Edmonton Center to spew hate about LGBTQ2 people is beyond the pale, it’s deplorable and we won’t stand for it.” (“Riding,” in Canadian, means electoral district, for those of you who aren’t elite Canadian minds. And the Edmonton Centre riding is apparently not as progressive as Boissonnault believes it to be, as Tucker’s event was sold out.)

Well, they both think it is “deplorable” that an allegedly conservative American was allowed to enter Canada and speak to Canadians. I mean, it’s not like Tucker is an illegal alien. If he was, he’d be welcomed into the Great White North. In fact, Carlson is part Canuck, something to which he alluded in his speech. It seems “progressives” in America and Canada are fond of smearing their political opponents as “deplorable.” Hardly seems inclusive…or even tolerant. The nerve of a conservative Canadian politician inviting a conservative American to come to her province and speak to conservatives! Especially in “a completely unacceptable way!” Their oughta be a law!

I watched and listened to the entirety of Tucker’s short speech. Twice. He never once advocated violence or put “a target” on any Canadian politician’s back, liberal or otherwise. And he certainly didn’t spew hatred of “LGBTQ2” people. He did mock Prime Minister Trudeau and suggest that Canadians start objecting to government policies that overtly mock—and punish—them. That is as mild-- and sane-- as it gets.

These ministers saying they “won’t stand for it,” however, do sound threatening. They won’t stand for free speech? What are they going to do about it? What are they going to do to the conservative Canadian politician, Danielle Smith, and/or to Tucker now that the event is over?

If these pathetically intolerant “liberal” thugs “won’t stand” for free speech and dissenting opinion they should not be able to “sit” in parliament.


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