Sunday, January 7, 2024

Biden Tells Reporter To Start Reporting "The Right Way"


Recently, a reporter asked President Biden, “What’s your outlook on the economy next year?”

Biden replied: “All good. Take a look. Start reporting it the right way.”

Implicit in that statement is: If you know what’s good for you, you lying dog-faced pony soldier.

Yes, for the sake of ‘our democracy,’ reporters better damn well report the news precisely how Biden tells them to! Forget ‘speaking truth to power,’ today’s ‘journalists’ are expected to be nothing but human remoras attached to the behemoth Democratic whale that runs the country—and all its major institutions.

The media is so docile, the institutions so corrupt, the Deep State so vast, that Democrats know they can get away with anything. Worse yet, they believe the bulk of the people are too ignorant—and/or complacent—to do anything about it themselves. Thus far, they appear to be correct.

Ergo, they will keep telling us that, for the sake of our democracy, we citizens cannot be allowed to vote for Trump. For the sake of our democracy, the Electoral College must be eliminated, the Supreme Court must be packed, and the District of Columbia must be made a state. Puerto Rico, too. For the sake of our democracy, the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments should be eliminated, and the Constitution revamped, preferably by executive fiat. And, of course, certain of their more ‘MAGA’ opponents, AKA ‘terrorists,’ should not even be allowed to speak—on or off campus, at school board meetings, or on social media. (Hence the desire to ixnay the First Amendment.)

Because nothing says ‘democracy’ like an authoritarian, one-party state where political opposition is illegal!

Tragically, due to public school indoctrination, mainstream media bias, and corporate cravenness—as well as Democrat deception and dishonesty, many people don’t even recognize that Democrats’ desired actions are anything but democratic, and are, in fact, precisely tailored to lead to a permanent, one-party state…in which Democrats rule with gleeful abandon until the sun expires.



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