Sunday, January 21, 2024

Canadian Police Warn Citizens Not To Violate Porch Pirates' Privacy. Seriously.


According to various online reports, police in the Canadian province of Quebec recently warned citizens not to post surveillance footage of their packages being stolen from their porches, etc., because it could violate the “private life” of the perpetrator/thief.

This despite the fact that the trespasser has violated the victim’s private life—and property—in a likely attempt to commit another crime by stealing merchandise that others have bought and paid for.

This is sadly, but perfectly, illustrative of the bass-ackward world in which we now reside. Officials don’t see anything wrong with violating law-abiding citizens’ rights by, say, listening in on their phone calls or having them frisked and x-rayed before allowing them to board a plane. The alphabet agencies in thrall to the Biden administration didn’t hesitate to imprison—even without charge—numerous American citizens who had the audacity to parade through, or outside of, the “People’s house,” i.e. the Capitol building. Federal, state, and local police and officials have seemingly put up cameras at every intersection. Multiple cameras abound in every store-- and on bridges, poles and posts and other structures. Seemingly everyone is photographed and recorded nearly everywhere.

But, by God, be aware that it is beyond the pale to violate the privacy of perps who have violated your private property on the way to stealing your belongings!

This is no small thing. As Thomas Mann noted, “Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil.”

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