Sunday, October 22, 2023

RNC To Have NBC Host Next Presidential Primary Debate-- Say What?!


The ever feckless Republican National Committee (RNC) recently announced it is going to have NBC News host its next presidential primary debate. This seems an odd choice, if only because NBC News hates Republicans. The news organization detests President Trump, Trump voters, patriotic Americans, capitalism, traditional values, borders, the Constitution of the United States of America, straight white males, Christianity, Israel, pro-lifers, Fox News, the Second Amendment, Mike Lindell, Lee Greenwood, “anti-vaxxers,” Joe Rogan, Aaron Rodgers, fossil fuels…and those of us that reside in Middle America in general. In fact, MSDNC MSNBC lost nearly a third of its viewership in recent days due to its preposterously anti-Israel coverage of the aftermath of the massive and bloodthirsty surprise attack on the Jewish state by the Hamas terrorist group.

The Fox Business Channel’s Republican debate of September 27 was an embarrassing exercise in meaningless gotcha “journalism,” so what does the RINOC RNC think the MSNBC debate will be like?!

Couldn’t the RNC get Al Jazeera or the (North) Korean Central News Agency to host the debate? Was China’s Xinhua News Agency unavailable?

There is a perplexing and repulsive masochistic streak in the mainstream of the Republican Party. The propensity to act in self-defeating ways may go over well with Thurston Howell Republicans, but it frustrates and angers those of us who actually care about the country.

Some in the Romney-Cheney-Ryan wing of the party claim to be embarrassed by MAGA types. But the truth is, they have far more to be embarrassed about. It is indeed time to Make America Great Again. We can start by putting RINOs on the endangered species list…by voting them out of office.



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