Wednesday, October 18, 2023

College Says Praise Of Hamas Part Of The "Free Exchange Of Diverse Ideas And Perspectives"


Campus Reform recently reported that the Swarthmore chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) called the Hamas terrorists who butchered thousands of innocent Israelis (and others, including Americans) “martyrs” and affirmed the “right of Palestinian people to resist.” 

Which reportedly prompted Swarthmore College President Val Smith to issue a statement in which she called the students’ praise of Hamas terror actions examples of the “free exchange of diverse ideas and perspectives” that “we embrace” as a “liberal arts institution.” (Which renders ridiculous Smith’s claim that “hateful rhetoric and calls for violence have no place at Swarthmore.”)

One post on ‘X’ noted: “Val Smith, president of @swarthmore, calls SJP celebrating the beheading of Israeli babies ‘free exchange of diverse ideas and perspectives’ and refuses to address the organization’s abhorrent post or antisemitism by name.”

Branding terrorism and the mass murder of innocents nothing but the “free exchange of diverse ideas and perspectives” that a “liberal arts institution” should “embrace” boggles the mind……and sickens the soul.

By that ”perspective,” the Saudis that flew planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon were just engaging in the free exchange of diverse ideas. (As were Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. And Charles Manson.) Isn’t diversity grand?! Who’s not pro-diversity? And those terrorists were inclusive and equitable in their attacks, too, rendering nearly 3,000 souls of every color, sex, creed, and class equally dead. Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, baby! D.I.E.!

If we’ve “progressed” so far that slaughtering innocent people is now simply considered to be illustrative of a different perspective, surely Swarthmore College and its SJP warmly welcomes conservatives and MAGA types to campus to share their diverse perspectives? Right?



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