Saturday, October 14, 2023

"Gas The Jews" Not "Hate Speech?"


Muslims and anti-Semites around the world have gathered in recent days to celebrate the mass slaughter of Jews in Israel by Hamas terrorists. Several cities in Europe, including London and Berlin, have been the sight of these unspeakably appalling—if joyous—gatherings. Various cities in North America, such as Montreal and New York, have also been witness to such madness and depravity. BLM has thrown its support behind the Palestinian cause, as have, unsurprisingly, many campus groups across America.

In Australia, thousands of “Australians” gathered outside the Sydney Opera House, to lose themselves in such zesty chants as "F**k the Jews!" and "Gas the Jews!" One person was arrested…for “breaching the peace” of the wannabe Jew-gassers by having the audacity to possess an Israeli flag. Good on the local Constabulary for dealing with him!

But might not “F**K the Jews” be considered hate speech in this day and age? I mean, nearly all locales across the former penal colony have laws regulating hate speech as regards race and religion. If “Gas the Jews” doesn’t qualify, what would?

Misgender” the Jews?

Crazed Hamas terrorists killed more than 250 mostly Israeli youths who were attending what many dubbed a “musical festival for peace.” They slaughtered or took hostage—or both—women, children, and the elderly. They reportedly beheaded dozens of babies. Thousands of Israelis were killed or injured, more than in any one day since the concentration camps of the 1940s were in existence. It is a new Holocaust.

Any individual or group “celebrating” this genocide-in-progress is beyond repulsive, beyond redemption.

Speaking of the difference between Western nations and terrorists, Benjamin Netanyahu once observed: “”Here’s the difference between us. We’re using missile defense to protect our civilians and they're using their civilians to protect their missiles.”

In fact, Hamas has located its military headquarters under a hospital.

And there’s no cure for that kind of sickness.











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