Saturday, October 28, 2023

CDC's National Tobacco Youth Survey Strays From Questions About Tobacco


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s newest annual  National Tobacco Youth Survey of middle and high school students includes questions pertaining to more than just tobacco use. The survey purportedly seeks to provide information about what "pro- and anti-tobacco influences" the children have in their lives and how they influence their own attitudes and behaviors toward tobacco. But, this year, there’s an added twist: questions regarding the kids’ gender identity and sexual orientation. Because of course.

According to Just the News, the government agency attempts to justify the intrusive, non-tobacco-related queries it started adding in recent years by claiming that "transgender youth have a disproportionate burden of tobacco use related behaviors." (Really? Stunning. Ironically, “burden” makes it sound like they have no free will and have somehow had tobacco use imposed upon them.)

Perhaps the CDC survey questions look something like this:


      1) Do you smoke tobacco (whether in cigarettes, cigars, or a pipe?)

      2) Do you smoke marijuana in any form?

      3) Do you use chewing tobacco?

      4) Do you take it up the butt enjoy anal sex?

      5) Are you polyamorous-- or at least a polyamorous ally?

      6) Do you frequent “glory holes?”

      7) Have you ever been in a Turkish prison? Did you like it?

      8) Are you fully vaccinated against COVID-19?

We at the CDC do not pass judgement in any way. Your answers will be kept in the strictest confidence and only shared with other government agencies.


Home schooling looks better all the time.



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