Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Biden Administration To Make Americans Repay Assistance In Leaving Israel?


Incredibly, reports such as one from The Gateway Pundit, indicate that the U.S. State Department’s Consular Affairs Crisis Management System (CACMS) is demanding that U.S. citizens wishing to flee war-torn Israel sign promissory notes as a precondition for any assistance in evacuating from the volatile region.

An email sent to Americans stranded in the tiny Middle Eastern nation stated that the U.S. government would offer loans for transportation with a promise of repayment.

According to The Gateway Pundit, the email read:

The situation in Israel is still unpredictable; mortar and rocket fire may take place without warning. Please continue to follow the instructions of security and emergency response officials. Commercial flights are available but limited. If you wish to leave Israel, we encourage you to take advantage of those options now. U.S. carriers have temporarily suspended flights to Israel, if you choose to depart, you will need to fly to an intermediate location and book onward travel from there to the United States.

We understand there is high demand from U.S. citizens wishing to depart and the flight options are reduced. In the coming days we hope to assist U.S. citizens with transportation options to depart Israel. Due to the large numbers of U.S. citizens indicating interest in departure assistance, we will plan to offer transit over several days. If you choose to take this departure assistance, transportation may be by air or sea and will be to a nearby safe location and not to the United States. Travelers should be prepared to arrange their own lodging at the safe location and pay for their own onward travel from the third country to their chosen destination. Departure assistance is provided via a loan from the U.S. government which requires travelers to sign a promissory note (an agreement to repay) prior to departure.


Yitz Friedman, communications manager at the American Accountability Foundation (and trapped in Israel at the time), authored a post on ‘X’ stating: “Is this what it means to be an American abroad? Almost all American airlines received taxpayer bailouts, and they were the first to abandon us. They were the first to cancel all flights.”


The Biden administration is making a habit of leaving Americans stranded. In Afghanistan. And now in Israel. (One could add other places, as well, perhaps ironically—and eerily—including East Palestine, Ohio.)


It’s bad enough that U.S. airlines bailed. But Uncle Sam making citizens legally pledge to pay back any financial assistance before agreeing to help get them out seems beyond the pale. So, if you are stuck in Israel, go ahead and try to arrange travel to a “third country” and lodging (Americinn?) for your stay. Then pay for your “onward travel” to a destination of your choice, maybe even the United States. Your government might even help you, providing your good for it.


Now I’m not big on government spending, but, as Biden would say, “C’mon, man!” The Biden administrations flies illegal immigrants all over the country gratis. And puts them up in nice hotels. And gives them various and sundry other freebies. It excuses student debt. It handed out “free” COVID money. And crack pipes to addicts. It has given countless billions of dollars to Ukraine…and countless billions of dollars worth of military equipment to the Taliban…some of which may have been used against Israel in the recent Hamas attacks which led to Americans needing to vacate the Promised land in the first place. And Biden insisted on giving $6 billion to Iran, the state sponsor of Hamas! You can’t make this stuff up.


Therefore, one would logically expect the government to do its citizens a solid, as they say.


So, come on, Uncle Sam, bring your people home. And worry about the greenbacks later.

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