Monday, October 23, 2023

GB News, BBC Beclown Themselves


GB News, Great Britain’s ostensibly (if mildly) conservative counterpart to the BBC, is rapidly making itself a laughingstock of MSNBC proportions. First, the great Mark Steyn was effectively forced from the media outlet when it attempted to push Steyn into accepting a contract making Steyn legally accountable for anything he or his guests might utter that British regulators within the Orwellian Office of Communication (OfComm) might deem to be hate speech or wrong-think. Steyn has taken legal action against OfComm after it confirmed a previous episode breached “the code.” (The media watchdog took issue with an episode which aired on October 4 2022, and featured an interview between the “Niche Canadian” and Dr. Naomi Wolf, who made “serious claims” about the Covid-19 vaccine-- which, as we all know, is strictly verboten.)

More recently, former BBC Chief Political Correspondent John Sergeant appeared on GB News to defend the BBC’s appalling decision to not label Hamas a terrorist organization. And what, precisely, does the “Beeb” intend to call the bloodthirsty Hamas terrorists? “Legitimately perturbed Palestinian nationalists?”   “Mostly peaceful Mohammedan migrants?”

GB News is to journalism as The View is to, well…journalism.


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