Saturday, October 7, 2023

Dare To Acknowledge Reality At Your Own Risk


David Bloch, a high school snowboarding coach, has filed a lawsuit against his former employers alleging that he was fired for intimating that men can typically outperform women in sports.

 The federal lawsuit, against the leaders of Woodstock Union High School, was filed in Vermont and states that Bloch was wrongly accused of violating the school district’s harassment and bullying policy-- for referencing a student “in a manner that questioned the legitimacy and appropriateness of [a] student competing on the girls’ team.” Yes, because that student is a boy.

According to an Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) news release, a roughly three-minute conversation took place this past February when Bloch’s team competed against another team in the female division, one of whose members was a biological male (who identifies as a female).

The Alliance’s news release stated: “Before the competition, Coach Bloch overheard two of his student-athletes having a discussion about that male competing against females, and he stepped into the conversation. Coach Bloch said that people can express themselves differently and that there can be masculine women and feminine men. But he also acknowledged the biological reality that males and females have different DNA, and he shared his belief that the physical differences between men and women give men an athletic advantage.” Bloch acknowledged biological reality? He’s lucky he didn’t get the death penalty! Does he not know that telling the truth is now utterly verboten, a capital offense? Where has he been these past several years?

The competition took place without incident. And Bloch’s attorneys allege the coach never even referred to the transgender athlete by name. Yet, the very next day, Bloch was informed of his “immediate termination,” according to his attorneys. Well, you know what they say: “The truth shall set you free.” From your job that is.

As if  this isn’t bad enough, Senior faculty at Long Island University (LIU) recently sent the university’s American Club chapter a letter demanding that it submit a DEI action plan and attend LGBT training as penance for declaring that men are not women on social media. The unmitigated gall! The sheer chutzpah! Men are not women? Next, the obviously “far-right” and extremist “American Club” will have the audacity to assert that blue is not pink, black is not white, triangles aren’t squares, four is not five, a lion is not a cheetah-- and that truth and lies are somehow different.

Even infamous atheist Richard Dawkins has been accused of “transphobia” and “violent speech” for saying “Sex is binary.” And he doesn’t even believe in God (“male and female He created them”).

People in power are now routinely punishing those who are not for stating obvious truths. There is no clearer indication of institutional corruption than that. And there is no clearer sign of impending societal collapse.


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