Thursday, October 12, 2023

Hillary Says Political Opponents Need To Be "Deprogrammed"


Hillary Clinton recently called for the “deprogramming” of a large percentage of the American populace because they don’t hold the same leftist political beliefs and values that she does. Moreover, the FBI essentially labeled MAGA supporters as “terrorists” whose every move should be scrutinized. And the U.S. edges ever closer to becoming a one-party autocracy.

As those of us who they crudely and preposterously smeared are neither cattle nor chattel, the only proper, indeed moral, response to them is: “Frightfully sorry, but it is not yours to dictate how we act or what we say.” Nor, I might add, do they (and their ilk) have the right to force us to go to re-education camp.

Can you imagine if our founders were here today, and the likes of Hillary Clinton told them they needed to be “deprogrammed?” Or if the Biden administration threatened to take away their First and Second Amendment rights? Or if Deep State minions or school board functionaries branded them terrorists if they spoke up on behalf of their children? Dearest Lord in heaven it would be beautiful to witness!

“Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Adams, Mr. Adams, Mr. Washington, Mr. Henry, you must tone down your rhetoric! We will brook no calls for violence or insurrection from the uppity likes of you, who wish to destroy our democracy!”

Dreams aside, that is what tyrants say when they have all the power-- and have taken control of all major institutions. They then attempt to disarm their potential opposition-- and the general populace—by taking from them their firearms—and their words. In extreme cases, they will even attempt to jail their political opponents. (See also: the Third Reich, the Soviet Union, North Korea, China, Russia, and the United States under the Biden administration, circa 2023.)

Let me make this very clear: when the powers that be control everything, every lever of power, every institution, when they effectively control election procedures (and therefore the results, rendering them moot), and when they sneeringly mock those who question them, those who remain too civil or too cowed to attempt to throw off the chains that bind them deserve the servitude in which they find themselves.

Or, as another founder, Benjamin Franklin, once remarked: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”







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