Sunday, October 8, 2023

Kamala Harris Claims Youth Afraid To Buy Homes Because Of Climate Change


              Vice President Kamala Harris recently told an Allentown, Pennsylvania, news station that “young leaders” are suffering from “climate anxiety,” which is “their fear about…whether they should have children, whether they should ever think about buying a home for fear that it might be wiped out because of extreme weather occurrences.”

              Sales of U.S. homes dropped to a 14-year low in June, but this was due to rampant inflation and rapidly rising mortgage interest rates…and the fact that home prices are at or approaching all-time highs.

              Robert Dietz, chief economist for the National Association of Home Builders, told NPR, "A lot of buyers have been priced out. If you don't have access to the bank of mom and dad to get that down payment, it's very challenging.”

              Harris’ assertion is preposterous. At least I hope it is. If our “young leaders” really are putting off buying homes because they think they will be “wiped out” by “extreme weather occurrences,” we are in existential danger as a society. I know we have grown pathetically soft, but yikes!

              It’s a good thing these young ‘uns didn’t have to make a month-long voyage across the tempestuous Atlantic just to reach this country, like many of their ancestors did. Or travel across the continent in Conestoga wagons after they arrived, dealing with unforgiving wilderness, wild animals, occasionally hostile indigenous peoples, plague, outlaws, severe weather, and an utter lack of infrastructure or hospitals. (“Good luck crossing the Rockies!”)

              They would’ve curled up in the fetal position during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl era. And just three or four decades later, “experts” were predicting widespread and prolonged global cooling, with dire consequences for life on Earth. Fortunately, people didn’t quit buying homes despite the predictions of catastrophic climate change.

Nor did the threat of Nuclear Armageddon-- taken deadly seriously throughout much of the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and 80s-- prevent young families from buying homes, having children, and planning a future. So, if young people really are “afraid” to purchase homes today, what changed? Well, the youth did. Why? Because schools, media, and social media, have relentlessly exaggerated the threat of climate change and extreme weather events, both in terms of frequency and severity. “Helicopter parents,” who hover over their kids in an attempt to protect them from…life…didn’t help, either. Nor did the deliberate feminization of the nation by “progressive” groups.

There are no Marlboro Men anymore. If there were, the country wouldn’t be at death’s door, even if a few of them would be.




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