Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Canadian Cabinet Spends Money Like A Drunken Sailor During Retreat To Discuss...Inflation


According to records obtained by Blackrock’s Reporter, members of Prime Minster Justin Trudeau’s cabinet spent $275,469 at a three-day retreat to discuss inflation. Cabinet members spent $46, 266 on food alone at the ritzy Vancouver Hyatt hotel, much of it at a cafĂ© while enjoying a “millionaire’s cut” steak and lobster plate for $88. (The Vancouver Hyatt is known for its high-price restaurant menu, where a basic burger costs $29.) Moreover, room charges amounted to $129,469, and private security guards cost an additional $11,533-- despite the fact that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were onsite. Ironically, the retreat came hard on the heels of Trudeau telling Canadian families that the impact of global inflation was hitting Canadians “particularly through rising food and gasoline costs.” Tragicomically, Trudeau simultaneously claimed he was working hard to “further strengthen the economy to meet the needs of Canadians, making life more affordable for families.” 

Trudeau’s office said the cabinet retreat was convened to focus on “continued efforts to make life more affordable for Canadians and keep delivering economic growth that benefits anyone.” Or at least those who work for the Vancouver Hyatt.

               Tone deaf? Ask California Gov. Gavin (“French Laundry”) Newsome. Pass the caviar.


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