Tuesday, September 13, 2022

U.N. Berates U.S. Over Supreme Court's Dobbs Decision, In Act Of Supreme Chutzpah


Recently, the United Nation’s Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination published its findings concerning a number of nations for which it had various condemnations and recommendations. Naturally, the committee reserved its fiercest criticism for the United States, the U.N.'s largest donor.

The committee expressed deep concern regarding the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, insisting that Washington quickly take special measures to protect abortionists-- and a woman’s ability to “terminate” her unborn child at any time for any reason.

The committee is comprised of 18 so-called human rights experts whose mandate is to monitor the implementation of recommendations by the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination (ICERD). The ICERD, created and empowered in the 1960s, currently consists of 88 signatories and 182 parties…from various countries including Turkey, Senegal, the Ivory Coast, Cameroon, and Qatar. All of whom, of course, are recognized bastions of tolerance, freedom, and inclusivity.

In fact, one of the racism experts, Ms. Tlakula Pansy, hails from South Africa, a nation whose Supreme Court just ruled that the singing of the anti-white song "Shoot the Boer" does not, in fact, constitute hate speech. Another expert, Ms. Li Yanduan, is a resident of China-- where the communist regime is still blithely implementing a literal genocide against the Uyghur population in Xinjiang.

The committee’s report on the U.S. alleged that “racial and ethnic minorities are disproportionately impacted by…higher risk of unwanted pregnancies and lack of means to overcome socioeconomic barriers to access safe abortion.” Racial and ethnic minorities are at a disproportionately “higher risk” of “unwanted pregnancies?” Higher risk? That makes it sound as if they have no say in the matter. As if one were talking about the chance of hail damage to one’s roof, for example. As for racial and ethnic minorities supposed difficulty in overcoming “socioeconomic barriers to access safe abortion,” statistics show a far higher percentage of minority babies are aborted than white ones. In fact, though Black Americans comprise just 13.4% of the U.S. population, they accounted for 36.0% of the abortions in 2015, which was almost identical to the percentage of abortions (36.9%) that year among white Americans, who make up 76.6% of the population.

It is repulsive that the U.N. blasts the U.S. for (sort of) allowing states to determine their own abortion laws, while it routinely ignores genocides around the world-- and is itself a bastion of corruption and scandal.

The United States should drastically reduce its funding of the “United Nations,” currently running at well over $11 billion annually. Or seek to have it aborted entirely.





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