Saturday, September 10, 2022

Drag Queen Steals Woman's Gender, Money


A woman who goes by the Tiktok moniker “meggymomma” is claiming that a Las Vegas drag queen stole a wad of cash from her purse during a drag performance at the Treasure Island Casino. The (allegedly) aggrieved lady recently released a video in which she stated she was celebrating her birthday by watching the Drag Brunch show at a place called SeƱor Frog’s, when a drag queen who goes by the stage name “Shannell” swiped hundreds of dollars from her purse. At first, she thought it was a gag and that she’d get her money back…but she didn’t. She then confronted the performer, whose real name is Bryan Watkins, while still in the venue and demanded her money. Watkins allegedly claimed he only took one dollar-- and called the woman a “white girl” (an insult in the LGBTQ world) and a “Karen.”

“Meggymomma” then complained to management but got nothing but a cold shoulder.

“Shannell” can be seen on a TikTok video helping himself to the woman’s purse… and clearly taking a roll of cash from it. The video went viral, which prompted Voss Events, the company that produces the Drag Brunch show, to offer a settlement. The woman made a follow-up video claiming Voss Events offered to give her $700 on the condition that she take down her original video, as Voss Events (preposterously) claimed it was inciting “violence and hate” directed at those in the LGBTQ community.

What a perfect illustration and summary of leftist tactics! Abuse and steal from those you are purportedly serving, and, if they complain about this abuse and theft, accuse them of inciting “violence and hate.”

Democrats—and government entities of every type—routinely do this. It is their modus operandi, standard operating procedure, best practice.

And, tragically and sickeningly, it’s effective…because the sheeple don’t push back.

What a drag.


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