Thursday, September 8, 2022

Pennsylvania Department Of Education Says Three-Year-Olds Should Have "Preferred" Pronouns Honored


According to a guide on the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s website, children as young as three years old can identify themselves as transgender, and the department recognizes the pronouns “ne, ve, ze/zie, and xe” as valid options for the kiddies to use. Additionally, in the section titled “Creating Gender-Inclusive Schools and Classrooms,” teachers are urged to inquire as to their students’ preferred pronouns to prevent making inaccurate assumptions about their gender identities.

The website states: “In addition to the traditional pronouns (he/him, she/her, they), some people prefer to use gender-neutral pronouns, such as ne, ve, ze/zie and xe. If you don’t know a student’s preferred personal pronoun, it’s always best to ask.”

The website also defines “binary gender” as the “faulty concept that there are only two genders: male and female.” Moreover, the department’s webpage includes a lesson guide encouraging teachers to host a “gender-neutral day” in their classrooms for grades 3-12.

The guide says that, as part of the activity, students should pick two to three ways they will reject gender stereotypes, and the teacher should make specific commitments to challenge gender norms in the classroom.

Yes, let’s get kids questioning themselves—and their bodies-- as early as possible! Let’s get them talking about their private parts in front of other kids and an adult by three or four years old. Let’s tell them that there aren’t just boys and girls, but a myriad of genders and sexes!

Let’s tell them that God was just kidding! Or lying outright! Or, better yet, doesn’t exist!

Better yet, let’s tell them that, even though we didn’t create ourselves and have no idea how we—and everything else—was created, we know better than any higher power or cosmic entity what we were supposed to be…and possess the power to make it so.

If a teacher asked me what my pronouns were, I would answer: “he, hers, they, ne, ve, ze and xe,” depending on what day of the week it is.”

But Ted Cruz (R-TX), speaking at CPAC recently, had a better idea. He introduced himself and then proudly asserted that his pronouns were “kiss my ass.”



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