Wednesday, September 14, 2022

New York Politicians Ask Credit Card Companies To Track Firearm, Ammo Purchases


Approximately 50 New York lawmakers believe they have found a way to reduce firearm trafficking and mass shootings. These legislators penned a letter to Mastercard and American Express, requesting that the credit card companies flag purchases made at gun stores. (Credit card companies supposedly do not currently track specific items purchased but use merchant category codes [MCCs] designated by retailer type. For example, Mastercard’s quick reference booklet notes that purchases made at a gun store fall under the "miscellaneous" or "durable goods" retailer codes. Those two MCCs also include vendors of gas lighting fixtures, musical instruments, fireworks, party supplies, and luggage, among others.)

The letter drafted to Mastercard and American Express “suggested” that gun retailers be assigned their own merchant category code instead of sharing it with other non-firearm-related vendors. This change would allow credit card companies – and, consequently, government – to closely track firearm and ammunition purchases.

Democratic state Senator Zellnor Myrie publicly stated that he believes the public would agree with the lawmakers' request.

Let’s hope not.

What other purchases will be tracked…and to what end? If one purchases a copy of Guns and Ammo magazine, will it soon be tracked? (If not, why not, if the purchase of actual guns and ammo are?) What if you buy a sharp knife? A stout fork? Mace? Baseball bat?

And why shouldn’t we be flagged—and warned—if we buy too much meat or sugary foods? I mean, the government’s just looking out for us, right? Moreover, we deserve what we get, whatever that may be, if we buy a MAGA hat or a “Let’s Go Brandon” bumper sticker, no? And what if we don’t purchase enough tofu-- or LGBTQ-friendly merchandise? That’s utterly indefensible, as any sane person would admit.

America was founded on a near sacred belief in—and commitment to—limited government (of, by and for the people). Today, many folks don’t appear to believe in anything but big government. They may not admit that, but their actions—and votes—clearly prove that to be the case.

So, we appear destined to be judged by something akin to China’s social credit system, with the “help” of credit card companies.

So, patriots, Christians, the 10 or 12 Republicans with a spine, those with an appreciation of Millenia of accrued wisdom, people who still cling to the belief that there are, essentially, two sexes (and that there is a reason for that), libertarians…and anyone who dislikes being told what to do by incompetent, hypocritical, inveterate totalitarians in sheep’s clothing, it’s time we fight back.

To hell with the leaders of the Northeastern and Left Coast states. The rest of us need to figuratively quarantine them, lock them down, restrain them with border fences. Those of us who don’t wish to be cancelled or crushed by freedom-hating Marxist authoritarians need our own sanctuary states and cities. Why should we have to pay for illegals to enter our country and be granted freedoms and favors that the government would never dream of bequeathing to us?

              Why should plumbers, truckers, electricians, farmers, retail employees, carpenters, etc., etc., be forced to pay for the “education” of youth from wealthy families, especially those who get a degree in Gender Studies at Harvard or Yale and graduate detesting America, her history-- and the rubes in flyover country that were forced to pay for their indoctrination?

What might we, the people, find if we were able to track all the purchases of the 50 or so New York lawmakers who sent the letter to Mastercard and American Express?




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