Sunday, September 11, 2022

Student Group Aiming For "Total Animal Liberation" And Refutation Of Human Exceptionalism


Surely you’ve heard of SOS, right? Maybe not. The SOS to which I am referring is Students Opposing Speciesism. This SOS is a rapidly growing organization, based in the U.S. and Canada, that aims to bring about “total animal liberation” and opposes the notion of “human supremacy.”

Backed by PETA and run by students aged 13 to 24, Students Opposing Speciesism has seven registered “hubs” on college campuses, including UC Davis, UT Austin, the University of Maryland.

SOS defines speciesism as “the belief that all other animal species are inferior to humans," an idea apparently anathema to the organization of young scholars. SOS believes that “all animals deserve equal respect and consideration.” To wit, their website states: "[I]n the ways that matter the most, [animals and people] are all the same.” Quite. Now tell me the one about the three bears.

In a similar vein, Yale University recently launched the Law, Ethics & Animals Program (LEAP) with the goal of addressing America’s “outdated” and “insufficient” animal rights policies. Doug Kysar, a law professor at the Ivy League school, is one of those heading up the program. According to reports, Yale published Kysar’s assertion that society is in the midst of an important time for animals, due to factors such as revelations in animal intelligence that allegedly “overturn past beliefs about human exceptionalism.”

Is it only unwarranted human hubris that makes us think we are in any way above other species? Is it only for the lack of opposable thumbs that fruit bats didn’t write War and Peace or Atlas Shrugged? If chimpanzees were of a mind to, could they have built Manhattan? And who can say with confidence that a Moose couldn’t have composed a symphony or sonata on par with anything Beethoven produced, or that a deer tick (Ixodes scapularis) is incapable of understanding Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence equation?

White supremacy is bad, though its practitioners are extremely few and far between. (Far more common in recent years, to the point of nearly becoming institutionalized—systemic—is the concept of “all whites are bad and racist,” equally repulsive.)  To say that “human supremacy” is bad is preposterous. To refuse to acknowledge “human exceptionalism” is simply another form of nihilism and a rejection of reality. (Although, I must admit, people such as Eric Swalwell, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Jerry Nadler make me question my beliefs on occasion.)

Leftists are attempting to destroy the notion of American exceptionalism. And they have been quite successful at doing so, thanks to their own policies. They are hard at work overturning the biological fact of two sexes. They are continuing to hold up Socialism/Communism as the economic and moral ideal, despite the fact that all of history proves the opposite. Indeed, they are trying to erase history and discredit and expunge Millenia of accrued wisdom from societies across the globe. Because, though all other humans aren’t exceptional-- or even worth much-- they sure as hell are.

If the idea of human exceptionalism is overturned, what’s next? Is a Border Collie no different than a cockroach? Are plants the equal of, say, elephants or porpoises? Should single-celled organisms like paramecium be afforded the same respect and benefits as, say, Rachel Maddow?

Why are leftists, many of whom worship animals, so insistent on seeing to the destruction of the human race?

It is beyond ironic that most of those who purport to disdain the concept of human exceptionalism are essentially “woke supremacists,” and arrogant as hell.

Plea to God: SOS.



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