Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Trans Men, Simulated Periods


Bryony Farmer, a YouTuber from Old Blighty, has produced a video instructing men who think they are women on how to simulate a periodcomplete with a recipe for fake menstrual blood. The Post Millennial recently reported that Farmer’s video begins with the written message: “Menstruation is something natural that is constantly associated with being a ‘woman,’ therefore it is completely normal for all women to want to experience this sensation and I hope you all can appreciate that.”

It is alarming that Farmer seems a little baffled as to why menstruation is “constantly associated with being a ‘woman.’” (Perhaps if Farmer were a farmer, he would realize that egg production is something exclusively female, as is the presence of teats and mother’s milk.)

And calling menstruation a “sensation” is certainly understating the affect—and toll—it can take on women. I hope one day Farmer and men like him can appreciate that. Menstruation, the ability to conceive and grow a baby in a specially designed sanctuary in one’s body—and the subsequent ability to nurse and nurture that baby for the first year or so of life via milk specifically produced for that task—are all divine hallmarks of human females. Period.

Aspiring trans women might say, “Men can menstruate, too. I mean, the first three letters of menstruation spell ‘men!’ Coincidence?”

But, “simulated periods?” Really? How far are we willing to go in our pathetic attempt to pull one over on God…question mark.

I believe there are too many simulated men now.

And far too much genuine ignorance and insanity. Exclamation point.



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