Monday, September 19, 2022

New York Times Congressional Correspondent: If Republicans Take The House, It May Send The World Into A Tumultuous Tailspin


The New York Times, the erstwhile “newspaper of record,” has yet again proven that it has degenerated into a partisan rag suitable only for wrapping fish or lining a bird cage.

The Gray Lady’s congressional correspondent, Jonathan Weisman, stated via a recently published report that, if Republicans take over the House this fall, it may well send the country-- and even the world-- into a tumultuous tailspin. The unwise man wrote, "It could also mean that the government will struggle to perform such mundane tasks as keeping itself from defaulting on its debt and plunging the global financial system into chaos." (And that would be a real shame because it’s so stable now.)

Weisman added, "At the same time, a Republican-led stream of impeachments, as some lawmakers have promised for the attorney general, the homeland security secretary, the education secretary and the president, could serve as an endless string of distractions for the executive branch."

Yes, it would be a disaster to have impeachment talk or proceedings distract the president from his sworn duty to tend to the people’s business! Who ever heard of such a thing? What kind of hyper-partisan ghouls would put the nation through this?

No one is this dumb or unaware. (Not even the Times’ own Jonathan Weisman or Paul Krugman.) Weisman knows that Democrats have spent the past half-decade baselessly smearing and impeaching President Trump. And baselessly attacking members of the Supreme Court with whose decisions they disagree. And threatening to end the filibuster, make the District of Columbia a state, and pack the court…purely because it would give them unchecked power, precisely what the founders wanted to guard against. He knows that the government is, if anything, more likely to default on the national debt when Democrats are in charge than when they aren’t. And that Democrat policies are far more likely to plunge the global financial system into chaos. He knows the stock market tends to perform better under Republican leadership and that inflation tends to be less of a problem. He knows that our enemies respect—and fear—us far less than they did just two years ago, when a Republican was in power. And he knows that made us less likely to engage in war.  Moreover, he has to know that Democrat policies and attitudes have plunged our borders and cities into violence, despair…and chaos.

No one in Weisman’s position is this dumb or unaware.

No, this is brilliantly evil use of projection and gaslighting, and something Republicans never seem to be able to grasp, let alone overcome. Which is precisely why we need non-establishment “radical” Republicans (who are not just going to go along to get along) to win elections and retake the House. This is the only way to save the republic. We need bold, courageous-- and principled-- leaders who care more about the country and the people who elected them than about getting along with the press and retaining their country club rights and privileged cocktail party status. We need true public servants like our founders, conservatives by today’s standards-- but classical liberals then-- who were considered “dangerous radicals” by the bewigged and powdered dandies of the English establishment.

People, in other words, utterly unlike Jonathan Weisman.


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