Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Tyrannical Democrats Ironically Accuse Opponents Of Wanting To "End Our Democracy"


Isn't it ironic that the most power-hungry politicians in the most power-hungry party constantly accuse their opponents of wanting to destroy our democracy? If projection was an Olympic competition, they would win the gold medal in perpetuity.  

To wit: New York Governor Kathy Hochul recently spoke at a rally for Democrat congressional candidate Pat Ryan. Naturally, she seized the opportunity to smear Marc Molinaro, Ryan’s opponent, and Lee Zeldin, her own gubernatorial opponent, as well as Donald J. Trump.

Hochul exclaimed to those in attendance: “We’re here to say that the era of Trump and Zeldin and Molinaro – just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong. OK? Get out of town. Because you don’t represent our values.”

Because nothing screams “democracy” like chasing your political opponents out of town. Yay tolerance! Yay diversity!

But the Wicked Witch of the East wasn’t done yet. She told New York’s conservatives, if in absentia, “You’re not New Yorkers, because we come from a long line of people who fought for women’s rights that happened here first.” This raises the timeless question, “Huh?” A person is only a New Yorker if they agree with Governor Hochul and her radically progressive globalist agenda? And the fight for women’s rights first occurred in New York? London, Amsterdam, Montreal, Boston, Philadelphia…all were diametrically opposed to women coming out of the bedroom or kitchen?

To wit, again: Colorado’s Secretary of State, Jena Griswold (no relation to Clark), granted an interview to England’s far left newspaper The Guardian in which she intimated that, if Americans don't vote for Democrats, they will lose their democracy. Well, duh.

Griswold said, “What we can expect from the extreme Republicans running across this country is to undermine free and fair elections for the American people, strip Americans of the right to vote, refuse to address security breaches and, unfortunately, be more beholden to Mar-a-Lago than the American people.” (To the extent Americans are beholden to Mar-a-Lago, its because its owner is beholden to them. As for “security breaches,” see the open southern border.)

She then humbly added, “For us, we are trying to save democracy.”

Of course they are. But leftists don’t believe you and I are “fighting for democracy” unless we agree with them. On everything. Always.

It is rich that the party that has routinely contested elections-- and lied, cheated, bribed, and stolen in an attempt to win them—is accusing Republicans of being anti-freedom.  

If these radical left Democrats believed in God, they would believe He put them on this earth not to have dominion over the animals, but to have dominion over all other humans, especially those that believe they have inherent natural rights granted by their Creator.

Ironic or insane? That’s an easy one: either or both are correct.

And yet we conservatives don’t demand that all those with whom we disagree move to Massachusetts, Minnesota, Illinois, California, Oregon…or New York.

It takes a special kind of chutzpah for a political party to dramatically expand the powers of the executive when it is in power, wish to add two new states (Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico) that would be certain to vote for its candidates, and threaten to pack the court and eliminate the filibuster—all while accusing its lone political rival of being anti-democratic.

It would be best for the nation—and the majority of Americans—if these progressive Democrats would “get out of town.”

Especially Washington, D.C.







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