Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Trans Woman Tweets That Trans Women Are Biological Women


Eli Erlick identifies as "Extremely queer & incredibly trans." (As opposed to relatively queer and common, garden-variety trans, I guess.) Erlick is also fond of using social media platforms to declare that transgender women are actually women. Period.

One of Erlick’s tweets states: "Trans women are natural women. Trans women are normal women. Trans women are biological women. Trans women are born women. Trans women are women.”

No they aren’t, or they wouldn’t be “trans.” They would not have had to transition. This should be self-evident, a priori.

In another tweet, Erlick proclaimed: “The only inherent difference between trans women and cis women is that trans women were assigned male by a doctor. Trans is an adjective that describes that assignment.”

Paraphrasing Hillary Clinton, if that’s the case, what difference, at this point, does the word “difference” make? Or “Biological.” (“Bi-illogical?”) Used like this, they have been stripped of their meaning, rendered moot.

For that matter, the word “cis” is nonsensical, too. Cis fill-in-the-blank is the same as whatever filled in the blank, so in using it we are just wasting a word and confusing people.

 If a “woman” can have a penis, there is no reason she can’t have an elephant’s trunk-- or ivory tusks and a tail. And pigs can have wings and I can identify as a Sheepdog.

I mean, trans Sheepdogs are natural Sheepdogs. Trans Sheepdogs are normal Sheepdogs. Trans Sheepdogs are biological Sheepdogs. Trans Sheepdogs are born Sheepdogs. Trans Sheepdogs are Sheepdogs. The only inherent difference between trans Sheepdogs and cis Sheepdogs is that trans Sheepdogs were assigned human by a doctor at birth. Trans is simply an adjective that describes that arbitrary assignment.


It is time we all wake up, shake off the woke spell we have succumbed to…and transition to grownups.

If our society is to avoid collapse, we must jettison belief in a “trans reality” and instead embrace cis reality. We must abandon pursuit of “trans truth”-- and seek the truth. Period.

And some truths are remarkably easy to see. Like the difference between men and women, for example.

Thank God.



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