Monday, July 25, 2022

The Devil Is On A Roll


Several recent news items seem to indicate that the Devil is on a roll. To wit:

First off, in an article recently published on, Nicole Pomarico (apparently from espoused the joys of little kids and open love.

She wrote: “In the case of one toddler on TikTok, we get a glimpse into how sweet and open their little minds can be. According to her dad, the little girl wanted to know why so many dragonflies were flying around. From there, the conversation went in an unexpected direction. Dad explained that they were looking for mates so that they could have babies, and when she asked if the boys were looking for girls, he said yes... which prompted her to wonder if the girls could look for girls and the boys could look for boys to be their partner, to which Dad replied that he didn't know if they knew they could do that.”

Dumb dragonflies. Probably homophobic Trump supporters-- or at least Rethuglicans!

Pomarico glowingly continued: “This sweet kiddo proceeded to go looking for dragonflies in the backyard to let them know that they ‘can fall in love with whoever they want.’” I wonder how many dragonfly genders there are today.

Pomarico added: “This little girl gets it on the most basic level: It's okay to love who you love, whether you're a person or a dragonfly.” (Pardon me while I reach for my barf bag.)

One problem, Nicole: If boy dragonflies looked for other boy dragonflies and girl dragonflies only wanted to hook up with other girl dragonflies…there soon wouldn’t be any more dragonflies. (And you think the mosquitoes are bad now!)

Secondly, something called “The Next Generation of Non-Monogamy study purportedly revealed a growth in interest of non-monogamous relationships, particularly amongst women. Another article published on stated: “26% of women compared to 13% of men in the study have some sort of non-monogamous relationship with their partner. In fact, 65% of women don’t even believe in the construct of monogamy, with 56% of them realizing this in the past year.”

If any of that is to be believed, it is depressing. Moreover, if 56% of the allegedly 65% of women that don’t believe in monogamy just came to that realization “in the past year,” that means that 36.4% of women decided that they dislike “the construct of monogamy” in the past 12 months or so. If true, what the hell happened in the past year to make over one-third of American women hunger for polygamy?

Third, celebrities, “progressive” politicians, mainstream media outlets-- and hordes of soulless, heartless, and brainless young vagina-possessors with far too much time on their hands (and fake blood on the crotches of their pants)—have joined forces to protest the Supreme Court’s ruling to abide by the Constitution (for a change) and return the decision on the legality of abortion to the states and the people. This return to the principles of a democratic republic is “threatening our democracy” they claim absurdly. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What’s more, and contrary to progressives’ claims, a recent report released by Republicans on the Joint Economic Committee (JEC) shows that, even aside from the moral issues, abortion has a long-term negative impact on the country’s economy.

The report notes: “Applying standard valuation methods used by government agencies to assess the costs and benefits of policy actions that affect mortality risks, we estimate that the economic cost of abortion to unborn babies in the U.S. was $6.9 trillion in 2019, 32 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) that year. This cost is 425 times larger than the $16.2 billion loss in earnings that new mothers would be expected to incur over the first six years of the child’s life.”

Lastly, The Satanic Temple was also appalled by the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

The Devil in action, indeed.








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