Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Western Rulers Assisting In Suicide Of Their Own Nations


Dutch police recently shot at tractor-riding farmers who were protesting a preposterous government climate proposal in a northern area of the Netherlands. The Dutch government purportedly plans to cut in half so-called greenhouse gas emissions from bovine farts and belches, farm animal manure, and the use of ammonia in fertilizer-- by 2030. Government officials say the plan is necessary to reduce these "harmful" pollutants, but the farmers say the government's new standards would destroy their livelihoods. So, in recent weeks, they have organized a nationwide protest against the despotic plans.

If the proposal is approved, to meet the government's emissions target, farmers would be forced to reduce the number of livestock they own. Moreover, farmers whose animals produce large amounts of ammonia would have their farms purchased by the government. To that end, a government representative recently stated: “The honest message… is that not all farmers can continue their business.”

“Not all farmers can continue their business?” Because the government won’t let them. Wow. I guess it’s no longer just COVID that governments use to determine if you can keep your business.

Understandably, the threats of these draconian measures led to approximately 40,000 farmers forming a tractor convoy that travelled around the relatively small nation, in some cases blocking traffic and grocery distribution centers. Other farmers have demonstrated in town and city halls or set hay bales ablaze on the sides of highways. Farmers say they are being unfairly targeted by the government while other industries are polluting more but aren't facing crippling regulations.

Is it really a good idea, particularly in this time of high inflation, supply chain issues-- and food shortages-- to deliberately attempt to reduce the number of folks who produce our food? Rather than reducing manure, would it not be better to reduce the amount of crap coming from the minds and mouths of the elites who rule over us with ever-increasing arrogance and insolence? (See also Trudeau, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Newsome, Hochul, et. al.)

Bizarrely, food processing plants appear to be spontaneously combusting around the U.S. Worse yet, China (and certain Big Tech oligarchs) are buying up American farmland. The Russia-Ukraine war has disrupted and reduced supplies of corn, wheat, and seed oils, among other things. And now this?

Not to be outdone, President Biden (a.k.a. “Chairman Brow”) has released millions of barrels of oil from the United States’ Strategic Petroleum Reserve…and, in a borderline treasonous move, sent some of it to China. (In fact, nearly 1,000,000 barrels of U.S. oil was sold to a Chinese state-owned gas company that-- get this-- has financial ties to a private equity firm that was co-founded by Biden’s son Hunter, according to reports.)

 This leads one to ask an obvious question: “Why are Western governments assisting in their own suicide? Why are they attacking farms and the people who feed us all? Why are we sending oil to China when we are desperately trying to buy it from the likes of Russia, Iran, and Venezuela? This is mind-boggling. It can’t be for the sake of the climate.

The Great Reset is a Colossal Mistake. It pointlessly punishes citizens of western nations while strengthening and emboldening their actual and potential adversaries. Worse still, like COVID-1984, it is being used to excuse previously unimaginable tyranny in these erstwhile largely free nations, making them more like existing authoritarian regimes.

How long do these leaders think their nations’ citizens will put up with the stripping away of their rights and freedoms? Perhaps forever? It appears they believe we no longer have an alternative.

And that may be why a 16-year-old farm boy is shot at and taken into custody.



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