Thursday, July 28, 2022

Letter From A Progressive


I woke up depressed this morning because I realize our democracy is threatened by the Republican Party. It seems like everybody in the Democratic Party and in the free press and unbiased media realize this, too. Even the Big Tech companies seem to be aware of this fact.

I mean, when some Republicans don’t even want to pass strict gun control laws, how much longer can democracy last? And do you know that many of those same, far-right extremists want to aggressively prosecute crime and keep criminals in jail for a long time? And not defund the police! How fair is that to the marginalized communities that the police routinely terrorize…or to the criminals themselves, who probably have no other option? I think this shows the non-inclusiveness and the mean-spiritedness of Republicans in general. And their hypocrisy!

How can our democracy survive when conservatives don’t even want to teach our youngest kids about masturbation, anal sex, dental dams, and polyamory? And can anyone tell me how our democracy will prevail if jerks like Ron DeSantis put restrictions on kids joining the transgender community or deny trans women their fundamental right to compete on women’s sports teams?

Isn’t it enough that Putin’s War has caused a tampon shortage here in this country, making our menstruators search far and wide and leading to some tampons being taken out of men’s bathrooms? Why the War on Trans Persons?

But MAGA bullies don’t care about other people. They wanted to keep calling COVID-19 the “Wuhan Flu.” How racist is that?! I mean, if anything, the next pandemic-- that President Biden has just spoken of-- will probably come from Russia. It’ll be the Vladivostok Virus! Ha, ha, I bet that would make the MAGAs mad!

Lots of the Hitlerites refused to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. How patriotic is that? When the government tells you to do something, you do it, right? Don’t question it, “just do it” as Nike says. Who are we to disagree?

And, of course, many Republicans want to place restrictions on abortion. Um, hello! “Our bodies, our choice!” Ever heard of that mantra, dummies? Or how about “Keep your religion out of our uteruses!”

So mad! And if I hear one more person claim that “men can’t get pregnant” I’ll scream! Yet, crazy white-supremacists like Larry Elder don’t believe that rapid, man-caused climate change will soon flood the world’s coastal cities and small islands!

I can’t take any more of their baseless claims, their false accusations and misinformation! And then there is The Big Lie, the absolutely preposterous and thoroughly debunked claim that there was fraud in the 2020 presidential election, when all sane people know that election was the most secure and fair in history!

The radical right insurrectionists want to prevent history from being taught in our public schools, too. They want to strip classrooms of crucially important courses like Critical Race Theory (CRT) and The 1619 Project. This is an existential threat to our democracy!

For all these reasons and more, these tyrants need to be re-educated or removed from society…for all our sakes.

Sometimes I think that the people can’t be trusted to choose democracy-- or even to uphold its principles. So, it’s up to liberals like us to force them to do so.   









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