Saturday, July 30, 2022

University Of North Carolina Interactive Map Promotes Historic LGBTQ Sites


The University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill recently hosted an online history exhibition titled “Queerolina” (get it?) that covers LGBTQ history at and around the school’s campus. 

The exhibition’s signature feature is an interactive map that allows visitors to click on pins representing locations on and around the UNC-Chapel Hill campus where LGBTQ students’ “Queer histories” took place. Text and/or audio helps, ahem, flesh out what historic event occurred at each place.

In one audio clip, a UNC alumnus describes the basement of Wilson Library as a well-known meeting spot for gay men. He notes that the library’s basement had a “very large men's room,” and adds that “the activities that went on in that men's room were actually pretty unsavory at times, frankly.” Good to know! Now that’s education!

So…statues, busts, and pictures of straight white men have to go, but we must now mark the spot where Chaz once suckcessfully successfully stuck his member thru a hole in a bathroom stall? And what about memorializing the spot in back of Fetzer Hall where Chad Erickson deflowered Betsy Smith in 1982? How come statues of famous predecessors get the boot-- and Erickson and Smith are passed over-- but Michael Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzmichael are honored for doing it in a library?

Reverse discrimination is still discrimination, is it not? Or is it now the case, that, similar to racial discrimination, every single heterosexual on Earth is deemed to be helplessly bigoted, but no member of the LGBTQ community can be?


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