Saturday, July 16, 2022

Washington State School Board Director Offering Sex-Ed Workshops To 9-Year-Olds


Can you say “Groomer?”

I hope so, because Jenn Mason, a Washington state school board director is advertising summer “sex education” workshops for children as young as 9… to be held at the WinkWink Boutique, the “all ages sex toy shop” which she owns.

As originally reported by Breitbart, WinkWink is “a woman-owned sex shop delighting in expertly curated sex and body products, lingerie, and books,” that is listing two sex-ed workshops on an event booking platform. The workshops, which are being officially run by the “Underage Academy” “Uncringe Academy,” a spinoff of Mason’s WinkWink, are being billed as “honest, supportive, and inclusive sex education classes to help young people of all genders and sexual identities understand this important part of their life.”

In addition to owning the sex shop, Mason is also a (self-proclaimed) “sex educator.” The two three-hour workshops will be held over a span of three days. One will be for children ages 9 – 12, the other for those 13–18. Mason avers that “presentation of topics will vary for developmental appropriateness.” Topics will include:

·       The science of puberty

·       Gender and sexual identities

·       Sexual anatomy for pleasure and reproduction

·       What IS sex? Kinds of solo and partnered sexual activities

·       Safer sex practices for all kinds of sexual activities

·       The ethics and realities of sexualized media and pornography

Mason is a staunch LGBTQ advocate and abortion proponent who has a history of offering such classes to under-18’s. In fact, she recently held “Queer Youth Open Mic Night,” a class touted as being for “all queer youth (0 to 18 years old)” at her sex shop.

“0” years old?! I would think progressives would be confused as to whether to abort these pre-born or just born babies, inject them with Pfizer’s new COVID-1984 vaccine, convince them they are gay, or start them on a trans regimen. In any case, I wouldn’t expect them to speak on “Open Mic Night.”

 In an email interview with a local radio station host, Mason explained, “There’s no such thing as ‘real’ sex, and it’s okay if your definition of sex is different from someone else’s.” Did Bill Clinton graduate from “Unhinged Academy” “Uncringe Academy?”

“What IS sex?” Well, there are “all kinds of sexual activities,” and they are all equal, just like there are all kinds of genders. And remember, kiddies, there’s no such thing as “real” sex.

Wink, wink.




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