Thursday, July 14, 2022

First Lady Jill Biden Compares Latinos To "Breakfast Tacos"


First Lady Jill Biden recently spoke at a Hispanic conference in San Antonio, Texas. Actually, taking after her husband Joe, she misspoke-- though, also like Joe, she was unaware of it at the time.

The First Lady touted UnidosUS President Raul Yzaguirre’s work for that organization at the 2022 UnidosUS Annual Conference. She said, "Raul helped build this organization with the understanding that the diversity of this community, as distinct as the bodegas of the Bronx, as beautiful as the blossoms of Miami and as unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio, is your strength.” (She mispronounced bodegas and giggled a bit after comparing Latinos to breakfast tacos.)

Michael LaRosa, Biden’s press secretary, apologized for her remarks the day after she made them, tweeting, The First Lady apologizes that her words conveyed anything but pure admiration and love for the Latino community.”

Bodegas, breakfast tacos, Latinos…they’re all pretty much the same, right, Jill?

And the press viciously assaulted then Vice-President Dan Quayle for saying “potato” was spelled “potatoe.” At least he didn’t say, “the Irish community is as unique as the potatoes they so love to eat.”

Democrats are, and have always been, the real American racists. They have enslaved, enervated-- and condescended to—Blacks and other minorities for centuries…even as they accuse Republicans of being bigots. The Republican Party, by contrast, was literally founded on a platform of anti-slavery and a belief in the values of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, freedoms most foundational documents.

Even today, Democrats are pro-abortion (which is even worse than slavery, and kills a far higher percentage of minority babies than white ones), pro-racial quotas, and anti-Christian. Moreover, they are effectively anti-women, as their support for biological men’s access to women’s sports teams, locker rooms and bathrooms, women’s opinions be damned—and their preposterous purported inability even to define “woman”—clearly shows.



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