Monday, July 4, 2022

"F*ck The Fourth" Says Arizona Progressive Group, Pima County Democrats


At the rate things were going, it was only a matter of time.

That time has arrived.

Democrats, at least the Pima County, Arizona version, have decided that celebrating America’s independence on the 4th of July is unwarranted and unfashionable. Ergo, they came up with an alternative event: “Fuck The Fourth.” The Tucson Women’s March tweeted out an invitation to the progressive extravaganza that stated, “Let’s Mourn with Fuck The Fourth.” The post also urged folks to “Bring comfortable shoes, water, lawn chairs, posters, and your anger.”

Remarkably, the tweet, since deleted, noted that event guests would include sitting Arizona Senator Mark Kelly and former Congress member Gabby Giffords. Did Kelly sign off on this? If not, who put it out? In any case, it’s illustrative of the continuing radicalization of the Democratic Party and affiliated groups. And it is preposterous, profane, and repulsive.

Many on the left already say “fuck the flag.” Or burn it. What's next? “Murder Memorial Day?” “Eviscerate Easter?” “Trash Thanksgiving?” “Crap on Christmas?” “Say no to New Year's?” “Suck Saint Patrick's Day?” “Screw Valentine's Day?”

 Obviously, “Fuck Father's Day” is on the horizon. Will they go after Mother's Day, too? Perhaps by saying “Molest Mothers Day?” Or will they just seek to make the holiday officially known as “Birthing Persons Day?”

Readers know I virtually never use, let alone spell out “the ‘F-word.’” My writing is usually quite clean and cerebral. But, to see the Fourth so vilely trashed, with everything it means and all those who have sacrificed for it, I have made an exception here. And will make another one now:

Fuck the assholes behind this tweet. And the donkey they rode in on.

It is time we declare our independence from them.


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