Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Mainstream Media Urging Voters To Ignore Inflation


Recent surveys have consistently shown that runaway inflation is the most troubling issue to most Americans.

This has led many talking heads and media outlets to express deep concern that historically high gas prices and generally rampant inflation might lead to significant Democrat losses in the upcoming midterm elections. The horror!

To help prevent this, Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell, for example, informed her readers that it was a "wild fantasy" to believe the GOP could lower gas prices.  Furthermore, in a Sunday opinion piece, she condescendingly warned voters to "think carefully about what they’ll get if they cast their ballot based on gas prices." By that she means evil Republicans who are pro-life and pro-Bill of Rights.

Rampell added, "The president does not have some super-secret special dial on his desk that can adjust gas prices, but many voters believe otherwise.” Yes, Catherine, I’m sure many voters think Biden has a “dial” on his desk that can adjust gas prices in real time. (Not that he’d know how to use it if he did.) In reality, most voters know that Biden killed the Keystone Pipeline on Day One, has rescinded or denied drilling leases, and has made it clear he is an implacable foe of the fossil fuel industry in every shape and form. That is why gas prices have skyrocketed since he took office, and that is why voters are rightfully angry.

Rampell also stated that Republicans were "counting on voters to project their hopes and dreams — including their wildest fantasies about cheaper gas — onto Republican challengers,” and averred that there are "relatively few tools" that President Biden or Congress could use to "help boost oil production or moderate inflation." So, she advised voters to simply ignore the issue of gas prices when in the voting booth. Sounds like a plan.

But Rampell wasn’t done. She quoted her colleague E.J. Dionne in warning that-- if Republicans win in November-- "far more radical and sinister forces" could take over, forces that would try to "undermine democracy.” You mean like by falsely accusing an opponent of colluding with Russia, being in bed with the Chinese Communist Party, considering eliminating the filibuster, threatening to pack the court, dispensing with the First and Second Amendments, or condoning summer-long riots by BLM and Antifa?

Of course, MSNBC’s on-air “talent” was almost apoplectic when pondering a potential “red wave.” Host Joy Reid and political analyst Matthew Dowd characterized such a possible Republican rout as a "threat" that they, selfless public servants that they are, needed to warn viewers/voters about. Dowd gravely stated: "We have to tell the voters what the threat is just like we do, Joy, we tell them about inflation, and we tell them about job growth, and we tell them about a hurricane, and we tell them about tornadoes, and we tell them about wildfire, we have to treat this assault just like we have to tell them about the assault on democracy.” And you tell them that inflation isn’t Biden’s fault, but that hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and assaults are Republicans fault. And you wonder why most people have more trust in Ponzi schemes than they have in those of you in the mainstream media. Those who live in political bubbles shouldn’t cast stones.

And, on a recent edition of MSNBC's "Morning Joe," branding and marketing professional Donny Deutsch openly worried that voters-- this year and in 2024—might selfishly deem their personal financial situation more important than America's democracy being "in peril,” should Republicans come to power. Deutsch whined: "I'm concerned and everything in my gut tells me… unfortunately, the gas prices and bread is going to be more compelling.”

That is a valid concern, Donny. How dare the American people?! Whether one can afford to drive to work, stay in one’s home, and feed one’s family should be immaterial compared to the perils of long-term climate change and misgendering. What are these rubes thinking? Are they also going to stoop to considering the skyrocketing crime rate and/or national security concerns when deciding who to vote for? What doofuses.

Sarcasm aside, the current concerns of voters aren’t First World problems. The concerns of liberal elites are. Biden’s policies are leading us ever closer to having to deal with Third World problems. Because of elitist authoritarianism and ass-hattery.



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