Monday, July 11, 2022

Is A "Red Wave" Coming? Maybe Not


Those Republicans that believe a massive “red wave” is coming in November are—sadly-- overly optimistic and naive. Apparently, they don't realize or accept what happened in 2020. Changes in state and local election laws, combined with the unprecedented mail in voting and media and big tech lies all combined to lead to Joe Biden becoming president.

And there is another issue. People often ask me how it is that Democrats stay in power forever in big cities despite the fact that those cities are virtually all beset by rising crime, poverty, drug addiction, homelessness, and other ills. I tell them: when the number of people who work for the government in those cities plus the number of people who receive government assistance is greater than the number who don't work for the government or receive assistance…it is game over. Elections become nothing more than a sham, democratic theatre of the absurd.

Couple all of this with the Biden administration plot that  Mollie Hemingway recently revealed in The Federalist, and the bizarre and wildly improbable becomes clearer should there be no red wave on November 8th. If Democrats hold on to the Senate and only lose a few seats in the house, for example, we will know we now live in a one-party state. We will know we are victims of soft tyranny.

And we will know that, ultimately, short of an all-out revolution, there is no way out, that this will be our lot forever.

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