Saturday, June 4, 2022

Preschool Teacher Used LGBTQ+ Flashcards To Teach Kids About Color


A North Carolina preschool teacher reportedly used LGBTQ+ flashcards to teach children about colors, according to Fox News and other outlets. According to the reports, one of the cards included a photo of a pregnant man. (I can picture so-called progressives nodding to themselves and exclaiming “Hell, yeah, it’s about time!”)

Gotta teach these three and four year-olds that men can get pregnant! Anyone claiming otherwise is guilty of “misinformation” and will be kicked off social media! This is all well and good, but misogyny still rules the day if the flashcards don’t also include a photo of a well-hung woman. I mean, diversity, inclusion and equity, right!

If preschools supposedly want to use LGBTQ+ flashcards to teach young kids about color, what will they use to teach the kiddies basic math? Orgy clips on Pornhub?  

“Look, children, there are three people who probably identify as male here, 2 that likely present as female, and 2 more who are almost certainly genderqueer. How many open, inclusive, and fun-loving naked people is that in total? Did I hear seven? That’s right! And seven is my second favorite number…next to sixty-nine! Nice job! Now if you’ll pick up the flashcards…”

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